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Monday, March 21, 2016

A is for Apaches....Geronimo!

Another one which shouldn't need much blurb, so shouldn't need the use of the abscent spell-check!

Timpo, Apache Indians, although I think one of the horses in technically a US Cavalry horse? You could get the litter as a US Cavalry piece.

Sample of mounted figures, the canoe and the smoke-signal vignette (needed spell-check after all!) which was sold as a boxed mini-scene or also as a packeted item from a shop-display box with a reduced-base fire.

The various componants of the foot figures, I don't think there are any 'rare' colours or colour-combinations here, but then I don't really rate a lot of what happens at that end of the market, they were mass produced in batches, so they will all be out there somewhere!

Anyway...gets them in the tag list and gives me a chance to point out that Plastic Warrior magazine has jsut announced the Michael Maughan has just announced a third addition of his Timpo guide, which is only available from Amazon and will tell you all you need to know about these and their stable-mates.