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Thursday, June 2, 2016

L is for 'Love Boat', Lovers Louché Living and Lovable Lazy Loser

The day before the Plastic Warrior show, I had another parcel arrive from Brian Berke in the Big Apple, lots of lovely things, among which were these vintage 'cuties' (to steal a phrase from Louis Marx! It's alright - he went bust years ago...), I'm only familiar with them from Kent Sprecher's site, where they have sat (with some interesting looking styrene ones...crew!) for many years - on my wants list (with a million other figures!), but I've only ever otherwise seen them occasionally on US feeBay.

Brian reports that "The Love Boat passenger figures were sold off in the early 80's in a NYC discount chain called 'South Pole'. The actual game/toy had these figures and beds which at the time raised concerns about the morality of the game. It wasn't called Love Boat for nothing!"

I think this is managing to present both all the poses and all the colours available. The blue chap had the same deposit of waxy dust on him that some Matchbox 54mm figures get, clearly one of the many additives leaching out over time, but he hasn't shrunk or distorted and cleaned-up well with no sign of brittleness.

Presumably: the crude MTC mark on the shoulders/back of each figures was part of the contract with the Hong Kong manufactory and represents Mattel Toy Company?  And with the . . . err . . . a'hem . . . 'coat-hanger' charms (embellishments?) of the female poses ('Like Scammell wheel-nuts . . .'), it's easy to see why the set was withdrawn; the fact that there's not a full-suitcase of clothing between all six of them was undoubtedly a factor in the decision too!

Following on from the recent bendy-toy posts, these turned-up at Sandown Park toy fair this Saturday just gone, and if the all-American 'beautiful people' above were of questionable morality, the silhouettes on this box are quite depraved...

...if I was about to stick my book where he looks like he is about to stick his: I'd expect the police to bring charges of domestic abuse against me, however; if she is about to do to their son what she looks like she's about to do: I'd expect a tub-thumping, New England, Presbyterian Judge to let me off!

Madame; the reason your relationship appears to be in trouble is because . . . your husband is gay . . . he's gayer than a gay man that's gone to university and had himself elected professor of gayness, he's so gay he's about to leave you for a Californian gardener called Crispin (apologies to all non-gay Californian gardeners called Crispin . . . and any over-sensitive gay gardeners called Crispin, anywhere!), set-up home with him in Haight Ashbury and open a poodle parlour.

Wherever he got that tie; it wasn't the 'Olde Worlde Real Manns Necktye Shoppe' and that's a fact. He's also borrowed one of your blouses and a pair of slacks from one of Charlie's Angels, and: Chocolate Brown? It's so'oh last decade!

Now you may not have noticed, or maybe you're a 'very' modern couple . . . oh! I see you've put your son in a bright-red skirt and gingham blouse . . . I think I understand now: "completely flexible" huh? Just raise them both to know it's also OK to be heterosexual and/or monogamous.

And don't get me started on the 1970's connotations of 'bender'! Suffice to say - it had nothing to do with sarcastic, opinionated, back-chatting robots! I have visions of late 1960's schoolboys spitting mirthfully through gritted-teeth while trying to keep a straight face after asking for a 'Bend-a Family' at the corner shop. Indeed; the more I think of it, the more I suspect that it was me with the rictus-grin, in Brecon toy shop?

Although: speaking of Matt Groening (in a roundabout sort of way); Brian also sent me . . .

. . . a Homer Simpson . . . Whoo-Hoo! Because "every man should have at least one as a reminder that he is in all of us" . . . Doh!

Made by Monogram, but not 'that' Monogram, another one . . . which is a bit of an oxymoron, they will have to be renamed Duogram I and Duogram II! Thanks Brian, I love 'im, but 'e's not getting my doughnuts!

Next day - Brian corrected me: "The M on the back of the figures stood for Multi-toys a NY based toy company, see link above. The bag of figures included one each of the main crew characters.", so tag-list adjusted and he also provided a brilliant link! Cheers Brian.



Jan Ferris said...


The only one of these featured gobs of plastic that made any sense to me was you Bart figure.


Hugh Walter said...

Either you're not properly exercising your sense of imagination Jan, or you're exercising more common sense than me!!