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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

News, Views Etc...Plastic Warrior No.162

The latest issue (number 162); sees me getting worse on the timings again, as the next one is due any day now, but here it is - just in time . . .
* The opening article has Colin Penn show-and-telling on a purchase of a Britains Zoo eagle conversion.
* Staying with Britains, there's a brilliant editorial on Summer County premiums with contributions from Jonathan Stevens and Barney Brown.
* Certain err . . . coincidental images in Timpo publicity material/packaging are examined by Steve Pugh.
* Erwin Sell looks at 1980's copies of Crescent and Cherilea medieval foot and mounted, re-done as Romans.
* Best article this month (even: ever?) is Andreas Dittmann's Koziol bazooka-man . . . cowboy! Yes - you read that right, and with two other make's similarly cannon-equipped cowboys and a lovely Indian wall plaque arrow-firer. . . stuff you otherwise probably never see; brilliant.
* Tom Stark looks at the hobby as it relates to 'counter price' vs value and such like.
* H.G. Wells is brought to life by a lovely diorama from the hand of Joseph W. Svec III, depicting events in Woking, Surry all those future-past years ago.
* The third pose-example of a Lone Star Musketeer turns up (that's three poses and about ten figures that we know about now), as I say every time: it's only a matter of time before a whole box turns-up!
'What The !&*$?' has four question marks this quarter;
·         An early-looking (French?) mounted knight in armour from Jack Shalatain
·         A seated AFV crewman/motor cyclist/tractor driver/passenger type of military appearance from Joe Bellis . . . Penny Farthing rider?!!
·         Barney Brown's large scale cowboys and Indians are still looking for a positive ID
·         A moustached French actress/circus lady in her underwear whipping a mike . . . all very Parisian!
* Les Collier looks at a set of figures from Toltoys which I found fascinating as I thought they were French and possibly premiums.
* Tom Stark returns for a second contribution, looking at Publius new sets and new retail arrangements.
Regular Features
'NEWS and VIEWS and other stuff ' has a follow-up on the unknown figures from the previous 'NEWS...', being Nordplast, news on C&T auctions, a new French show and news on Papo moving into 54mm.
'Book Review' this issue is very busy with reviews of four new titles
1.      Sixty Years of Airfix

2.      The A-Z of Timpo

3.      Farming in Miniature Vol. 1

4.      Farming in Miniature Vol. 2
'Readers Letters' this time is a four page fest, including mentions for:
·         Management change at the Chicago Toy Soldier Show (Janice and Rodger Garfield)

·         Books on Guards (Claude R, Hart)

·         Herald/Zang (Dan Morgan)

·         Marx (B. Nielson, JC. Martin and K Sprecher)

·         Engineer Basevich (Peter Cole)

·         Kellogg's (Kent Sprecher)

·         Dull Men of Great Britain (Tim Barker)

·         Ideal 'Justice League' and Wilton 'Batman' figures (Paul Stadinger)
'What's New' (as part of 'letters' this issue) mention releases from:
  • Nagant - Anarchists (Mathias/Stads)
  • Mars - Ex-Oritet Taliban, Russians in Afghanistan and Vietcong (Mathias Berthoux)
  • Big Bad Toy Store - MOFO's (Mathias Berthoux)
Plus all the usual small-ads and a four page 'Plastic Advertiser' insert.
Covers are: on the front, lovely French moveable-arm figures from Miniajouets courtesy of Andy Partridge (nice, but not as nice as Andreas's figures!), with a further War of the Worlds shot on the back cover.
Remember also; for subscription details or re-up, contributions or queries, Plastic Warrior is now on-line here:
And they are on Paypal.

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