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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

M is for More Superheroes

I know I said that would be it for superheroes for a while, but I also said I'd look-up the ID of the new eggs I got in The Works...and then another set turned-up!

These are the insert-slips for the Hulk/Disney Princess ones we looked at a week or so ago, branded to Disney, Marvel, STL (UK importer) and TPF (manufacturer) you can take your pick where to place them in your data storage/information retrieval system!

I actually got a couple more in another store last Wednesday, some independent 'pound' store in Aldershot, so they are clearly current stock with at least one of the clearance wholesalers, being originally from the £1.99 bracket, and now at a pound with two sources to my knowledge.

Then I found this huge capsule from Chinese firm Zuru - who's given address is a few doors away from Blue Box's HQ - with a full 54/60mm figure, one of five, with no picture of the range we must assume Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and err...one of the others! Again, currently a pound, probably originally priced around 2.99 or 3.99, get them when you see them, they'll be another end-of-line.

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