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Saturday, July 30, 2016

S is for Sword & No Muskets

A bit of a box-ticker, but with more of an overview, we're looking at Cherilea medieval figures today, here at Smallscaleworld Towers. This is also a real Picasa-clearer as the images have been building-up in there for some time, I think the first photo-shoot was 2012, the final images were taken last week!

Taken at a show-and-tell a few years ago, these are the first version Cherilea possibly Lafredo (see coments!) 54mm solids, a bit on the small side maybe . . . 52/53mm? They are also very bitty, lots of fine detail, rivets, straps, hinges. The guy with a black plume is missing a lance.

The next version seem to come in 54-mil and 60mm, although I wonder if the smaller ones aren't - in fact - Phoenix? Also, some seem to be very clean and shiny, so I'm guessing one of the 1980's/90's re-issuers like Dorset or Marlborough had a go. There seems to be eight poses which is typical for these sets.

Moving toward the Tudor/Elizabethan era, we have these, another set in the 60mm range and covering the English Civil Wars, [some] Scots Rebellions (of many!), Conquistadors and the Drake/Armada periods quite effectively. Although as you can see from the single painted one, they can pass for musketeers of much later!

Again I think it's all eight of a set; these are mostly re-issues, with a duplicate - and we looked at the Scots here

The same period was covered in 54-mil and these are another sought-after set. Everyone had a stab at them Cherilea, Phoenix, and Dorset/Marborough, or is rumoured to have; Hilco. Also, I think this picture may have been on the Blog already? There was a nice group of these on evilBay the other day, but I didn't follow the outcome.

The sculpting of these six is equally rooted in the popular image of the Civil Wars or, new World explorations but without the floppy hats of the comic-book stereotypical Royalists, however I was listening to something on the radio the other day which made clear the actualité was a little different, with lobster-pots and floppy hats on all sides and coloured ribbons or feathers and sticking close to the flag being the only real ways of knowing who's side was who on.


Brian Carrick said...

Hi Hugh, the mounted figures in pic 1 aren't Cherilea, I think they are Spanish made by Lafredo.

Hugh Walter said...

Oh! Right! Thanks for that Brian ... I don't know whether to move them or leave them? I'll give it some thought and put Spanish in the tag list in the meantime!!