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Sunday, August 7, 2016

F is for Follow-up to the Follow-up!

Very brief one, thanks to fellow blogger The Good Soldier Svjek and Tim Peterson who both got in touch to ID the figures Brian Berke bought and painted which we looked at the other day.

I know little about metal, and less about the whole Marlborough, French & Indian Wars and Revolution period and next to nothing about home-casts so any help is gratefully received!

My rule when the figures come in, in mixed lots (which they do tend to, being on the smaller side) is to check an old B&W copy of an Agasee (spell?) catalogue I have, if the figure is in there I call it that, on its index card, if not it goes in the unknown flats/home-casts 40-50mm box! A system that works until you get three cats in different sizes . . . knowing one must might be Agasee but at least two must be imposters! Hell is ID'ing home-casts!

Anyway, both correspondents said they were Nuernberger Meisterzinn and supplied links, I've pinched borrowed the 'commercial advertising' images and included the links:



While this should take you to the whole page:


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