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Monday, August 15, 2016

H is for Homies

I'm loving these, I'm not sure if they pass muster as Rack-Toys, more of a blind-bag or carded 'collectable' thing, but my blog-my rules and all rules are made to be broken, even "Rack Toy Month means Rack Toy Month" and I'm loving them anyway.

I don't know anything about them, there's a link here to the website where there's loads of stuff if you want more. Also because they are popular/originate over the pond, I wouldn't try to explain in depth something a chunk of the readership probably know more than me about.

From the author/artist:

"The Homies are a group of tightly knit Chicano buddies who have grown up in the Mexican American barrio (neighborhood) of "Quien Sabe", ('who knows') located in East Los Angeles"

- Dave Gonzales.

They were a gift from Brian Berke, and while they may have been available over here, I suspect it would have been in small quantities, somewhere like Forbidden Planet, where they wouldn't have been cheap! Let's look at them . . .

There are various sub-stories/genres within the line, some of which involve clowns!

I love the guy with the 'Stars & Stripes! Is he a vet, or is he a wannabe? Either way he's proud . . . "Don't tread on the flag dude!". When I get my stuff out of storage and set up my desk he's going to squat on the disc/dongle tub; guarding the archive!

They all have so much character, they are quite cinematic really, but I believe they are now a cartoon as well. However as figures they vary between quite cartoonish, flat caricatures and almost realistic sculpts, yet they fit together wonderfully, each is 'right' for his or her part.

Left - "I ain't seen nut'un. Straight-up!"

Middle - "Guys! Look up! I'm trying to take a snap here!" although after I took the shot I realised whatever he's holding has a power lead, so I think he's actually a barber!

Right - Priceless . . . if there's one thing about American culture that the whole world knows, one trope, one stereotype which has travelled via Hollywood round the world it's the whole fat-cops and doughnuts thing! And the Pigeons on the bin! Thinks "Any minute now the guy in blue is gonna' run to his cruiser's voice and that third doughnut is mine!" he's just willing the cop to drop one!

Close-ups. I didn't think to do a photo but I think they go well with the boarders/surfers and probably the Kid Robot street performers, but I don't know for sure?

Product-placement is got around by using the Homie meme for everything logo'ed, which is a really nice touch in a world where everything is covered in brand logos or product-placed. Scale varies as much as humans do, and they are all made of a stable, soft but firm vinyl, like old school Bully, Heimo or Comic Spain stuff

I love the look on the face of the older guy, talking to the graduate . . . "You got a degree? Little Louie got a degree? I don't think I can spell degree, you gonna' make loads of money and move away huh? Buy a big house up the hills? Sheeesh, whoda'thought it; from this neibourhood?"

Brain - Thank you so much for these, I love them!

Could someone over the pond do an article on them for Plastic Warrior magazine, I don't think they've been in yet (maybe in 'new product news'?) and they need to be, I'm sure Paul M would appreciate it? With a little more knowledge/background than I've managed!

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