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Monday, September 19, 2016

B is for Bonus Buccaneers!

I need to crop these and spellcheck the post so i will edit it tomorrow, but shiver-me-timbers as I just checked my Hotmail before leaving the Libary and found these! So a late bonus (I'll shed-yule them for 16.00, it's now 15,33 and I know the 4th post has only just published!) courtasy of Brian Berke; they look to be the Ja-Ru figures painted-up, with scaleing 'Beserker' from crescent!


Jan Ferris said...

Bloody pirates one in all. Blood thirsty sea rats.

M-7 said...

ARRRRRGH! and have a good pirate talking day to you!

Hugh Walter said...

Cheers Guys - Let's see if I remember it next year!