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Thursday, September 15, 2016

C est por Cavallo Del Cromoplasto Lucca

A box-ticker and no mistake! Fury - Horse of the West as he was known in the 'States; licensed to ATV in London and sub-licensed from them to Cromoplasto as a tie-in to the series on Prima TV; an Italian (Free) TV station.

It's a horse . . . 60mm . . . 'ish? Ethylene?

From Wikipedia: "Fury, known in Italy as Fury and later as Furia horse of the West, is an American television series broadcast ... from 1955 to 1960 The Italian title comes from the words of the acronym, in the USA the series was renamed "Brave Stallion" in subsequent editions."

Furia? He was absolutely Lividia!

What was it about the 1950's and early '60's we had at least three dogs, a kangaro, a dolphin, a lion with glasses, a monkey or two, Black Beauty and 'Furia' - "What's that, today's talking animal? Little Billy's trapped down the old mine shaft?" and if it wasn't talking animals it was those nausiating kids getting in the way- in Wild West gun-towns, helicopter doctors, Foreign Legion forts, fire-stations,
buggering about with railways . . . but then she went walkabout and got her kit-off . . . Result!

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