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Monday, September 5, 2016

M is for Military Case

As far as the figures go it's a bit of a box ticker for Silvercorn really, other people have Blogged/posted them so the best thing to do is go and look at PSR's post, but a couple of points arise, so to get them on the Blog . . .

. . . several sources, including the above link mention tan figures? I have two sets in storage and the above set (imported into the 'States by Lollipop/L.P.) donated to the Blog by Brian Berke, and not a tan figure seen by me yet. Nor have any of the sources mentioning them shown any.

I believe (until some come to light!) that there is a cross-pollination of visual memory going on here; these sets came out around the same time as the Hornby Railways 'Battle Zone' model railway set, which contained similar (but ethylene) figures in both colours, those figures were also issued by Dollar Tree in the 'States and Toy Masters over here.

Additionally Smart Toys were issuing small PVC figures, again very similar (but painted), which (the Smart Toys) harked back to the Galoob Micro-Machines figures which also had green and tan issues (among other colours). I suspect the common trope of two colours have led people to 'imagine' a tan issue for these . . . but stand to be corrected!

To argue against myself, I have some clip-together 'micro-vehicles' around the 1:285 or 1:300 mark, which may well be from the Land Vehicles, Terrestrial War Games set. They do come in tan and green, but firstly, the bodies are one colour, the tiny wheels another, and secondly they are styrene like the vessels (below). I also have some darker green figures from this set, but no tan . . . yet?

There's also the small matter of the two brownish-grey road-signs, which seem incongruous as there are better sculpted ones on the accessory frames, but they were in my UK bought sets as well as Brian's US purchase, so must have been added for 'value'.

The real reason for this post: Uncle Brian (different Brian) a few weeks ago, mentioned that the 'unknown' vessels in a few past posts were also Silvercorn, and as it happened Brian (Berke) had sent the confirming images a few days earlier, so as I was in the midst of Rack Toy Month, I said I'd post them in September - it's now September!

There are four different frame-runners, each with parts for three vessels (strictly speaking, one has 'parts' for only two vessels as the civil cargo looking-vessel is a single piece), and I suspect - from the duplicates in Brain's sample, that maybe six frames were in the box?

Scale is not constant, with the 'Flat-Top' being much reduced, while I think the cargo type and the submarines are a larger scale, with the warships between the two. The 'carrier looks to be a US nuclear type, and the three different subs follow recognisable shapes for Nuclear Attack (flat deck aft of tower, on the sheet), Patrol (right, above?) and Hunter Killer (left, above), but I'm guessing the other surface vessels may be of Chinese outline?

A few close-ups.

Returning to the 'unknown micro-AFV's' (which are in storage), they are of similar material and construction, hull and belly-pan clipping-together, trapping the wheel/axle mouldings in channels for free-rolling movement. I only have a small bag of them, but they consist of a 6x6 truck, various LAV/Piranha types (6x6 and 8x8 - I think?) with separate turrets and something like an Sd.Kfz.222 if I'm recalling them correctly, I don't remember having any tracked vehicles?

If they are what I think they are, then the fourth set (Air Machines, Aerial War Games) will probably prove to be an assortment of around a dozen modern combat types, probably in this neutral grey plastic, possibly as two halves or with plug-in wings?

I'll keep a look-out for them, and we can return to Silvercorn in a few years! Thanks to the Brian's U for dropping the ID into the blog and B for sending images and samples!


Anonymous said...

Hello, The entire contents for the Sea Vessels box was pictured. The plastic ocean filled the box!

Brian Berke

Hugh Walter said...

Which was six frames wasn't it?...I cropped them down becaus of the duplicates! Thanks Brian.


Uncle Brian said...

Hi Hugh!
I purchased two sets of the 'Soldier Unit' and both contained green and tan soldiers. I will check to see if I have any unpainted examples to take a picture of. My sets however didn't contain the brown one piece signposts that you have pictured. is it possible that some boxes have different contents.

The aircraft box has aircraft in black and tan, which I should have some lurking around that I can take some pictures of for you.



Hugh Walter said...

That would be brilliant Uncle B; all contributions gratefully recieved, Given the nature of the contents of the four figure sets I know of (this one, my two and PSR's) it does look like the contents were a bit shot to pieces in the factory - Brian's ships are missing one of the frames on the contents sheet? It would appear that while build-quality was improving in the New Territories in the 1980/90's . . . packing quality wasn't!! Still, it give us an excuse to buy more sets when we see them!