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Thursday, September 8, 2016

N is for New Arrivals I - Figures

All these came in during Rack Toy Month, or the last week - it is a fact that you will never have 'one of everything' unless you chose a narrow field or genre. If you do choose the latter path, you will soon get bored!

This was in the Toysaurus clearance bin, for 49p! I'm not sure it's worth 49p, but I have a Blog to feed so I bite the bullet . . .

. . . as it has a Hummer, and you may remember; it's one of many 'side collections'. The other three vehicles are a '40's Willy's, and '50's 'Wrangler' type (M38? Or something?) my favorite jeep as a kid - Entebee, Aurora's Rat Patrol, Congo, Brazzaville, Yom Kippur! And a 1990's pick-up/'Technical' type.

It also had more Matchbox clones, although the cloner seems to have dropped a lot of the DNA on the lab-floor! Four poses from three different Matchbox sets; about 45mm.

50p from a charity shop last week, he's a softish PVC around 70mm and well detailed, marked 4M, you may remember they produced a nice pirate set with mould-your-own bricks, around Christmas, about four years ago?

Under the eye-glass traces of gypsum-plaster were revealed so he's probably from one of those dig-out sets. Pity the Pucator pirates weren't made in a similar material! He also has the same hexagonal mounting-hole as Galoob/Kenner/Hasbro's Micro-Machines, which both suggests the same vinyl-factory and/or a missing base!

The Hasbro/Takara Battle-Beast has actually been around for a while, but he got left-out in a recent sort, so he's ended-up in this shot. Don't know if the two foam-ball figures (another 50p) are craft or factory, nor whether they are Japanese or Chinese, I began by thinking the latter (Eastern-Chinese muslim Uyghur or Hui and an Imperial court lady), but now suspect the former, Imperial court lady and Ninja?

The final one (10p) is marked Tomy, so might be a poky-man or some TV/Movie tie-in?

In the course of the exercise I noticed the Battle Beast was bloody filthy, so had him go into the robot workshops for a service and full valet!

My only evilBay purchase in months was a dodgy-photographed lot of apparent 'chuck-out crud' I was worried might have been shot deliberately to entice, but when it arrived not only was the barman (the only decent figure in the photographs) in one piece, but half the set (Cherilea Bar Brawl) was there!

Although 'Blue Boy' is posed to hide the fact that he lost a hand in a tragic 'sheep-rescue gone wrong' incident! No chairs though . . . but there was also a bunch of Cherilea Romans we will look at as a box-ticker in a day or two and three Britains Musketeers (with two swords, doh!).


Jan Ferris said...

Feed it indeed! Wonderful set of posts you have been making!

Hugh Walter said...

Cheers Jan - There's a lot to cover and I'm not getting any younger!


Ole Præst said...

Warms my heart to see the Battle Beast getting a clean-up.
Cool blog, I will definitely check back!

Hugh Walter said...

Glad you found something of interest Ole and checkers-back are always welcome!