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Sunday, October 9, 2016

F is for Four Flat Fellows

Another Picasa-clearer today so not the best images; ex-photographs, scanned, but worth a punt and new'ish to the blog, although I think they may have appeared in 1"Warrior magazine a dozen or so years ago?

Then they were all 'unknown', now only two of them are still to be pinned-down.

Clockwise from the top left we have a Winterhilfswerke (WHW) flat from the Gau of Berlin depicting a mounted traffic-cop, essentially of the pre-Nazi era, although I'm sure the uniform was probably Nazified with new badges and buttons?

To his right in another of the Mokarex missing from the post we had back in the spring, a line infantryman of the French-Indian wars period - I'm no expert in the Era, and I suspect with paint he can be made to fit anywhere between Marlborough and the 1790's? Maybe the high, tight, multi-buttoned gaiters limit him to the later period?

The two lower figures remain unattributed to nation, era or maker with a small (20mm) cuirassier type, who could be Napoleonic from the 1810's or Imperial German/European colonial from the 1890's - and might be Italian or Polish in origin, or even South American and dates from the 1950's?
Finally - a rather nice flat of a trumpeter, who looks to be maybe one of those inter-war Balkan nations? Or a Ghurkha?

Both the latter two are soft ethylene, the former pair: hard styrene polymers. Three are premiums of some type (question-mark over the trumpeter), while the small cavalryman was probably from a bag of 'toy' soldiers.

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