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Monday, October 10, 2016

M is for Men in Black

Returning to the conflict zone that is modern Ukraine, we're taking a look at Special Forces troops of the Ukrainian Border Guard.

Equipped with Land Rover Defenders, and a boarder marker/post, we've known since the Iranian Embassy seige back-here in London that you mess with the Men in Black at your peril!

The Land Rover has a rather snazzy paint-job which reminds me of some of the old West German vehicles, although they went with a more apple-green and white.

When we (the Glosters) were in Berlin we took delivery of some of the first Defenders used by the British army (paid for by the Berlin Senate; they were purchased outside MOD's procurement channels) and managed - within weeks - to identify several faults which were subsequently fixed before UKLF and BAOR started getting theirs. Not being particularly auto-minded, I can't recall the specifics but seem to remember split engine-cases and broken/overheating drive shafts as the main problems?

Bagged set had five figures, the vehicle and a marker-post. The header-card's artwork suggests they also used something equally big, but Japanese (?) as well.

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