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Monday, October 31, 2016

M is for the Monster Mash!

So, I've cobbled together four posts for Halloween, all due to donations/contributions from other people, but this and the next post - last today - raise a point for comment . . .

. . . Juan Angel (known to most of you as 'Gog', the vintage Spanish toy Blogger) sent me these in conversation ages ago 2009/2010 (?), and I just stuck them in the A-Z archive and rather forgot about them. Found them a while ago and thought: "Ahh! I could use that Pirate on TLAPD", permissions were sought and the figure was Blogged with a plan for these two posts.

So far so good, but, as we saw with the Preiser Band, I have quite a bit of this type of contribution in the archive, I've always sort of assumed if someone sends me something in a private eMail, it's private!

Now, some people send stuff specifically stating it's to blog, and it get's Blogged, but a lot of it hasn't been, so . . . if you have sent me something (since 2008) by way of an image or images over the years and you expected it to appear on the Blog and it hasn't, LET ME KNOW!

Remember; I'm a scatty-git at the best of times and with the Asperger's have two excuses! But, if it was more that about 18-months ago you may need to resend it, trying to find the originals I've found Hotmail stops storing them after a while? And all contributions are gratefully received - weather they are intended for Blogging or not, whether they get Blogged or not; it's only through wider dissemination that the whole picture gets clearer.

Anyway - onwards and upwards . . .

Gog has now blogged these and I'll put a link back at the end of each post, so just for fun with minimum blurb: the Yolanda Monsters; in this case painted, I'll schedule the unpainted set for a couple of hours time.

These are actually a really nice set of figures, and I agree with Gog, almost better painted. It's an eclectic set of mostly TV/Movie-related monsters of popular characters from fiction or the big-screen, here we have The Hunchback of Notre Dame (that's darhm not daym, guys!) and Death, good old death, comes for all of us so learn to love him!

The Fly, a very movie-based figure, and expertly sculpted I think? The other lady - called 'Vampiresa' on the original sheet - could be a generic vampire, or a more specific Elvira, Vamparella or Countess Bathory type?

The Phantom of the Opera is another from popular culture, but my favorite has to be the ape from the Planet of Them! It's really good and he looks fine next to the old MPC (and Larami?) stuff, some of which was Blogged the other day over on Plaid Stallions  if he wasn't a tad bigger, these figures are around 110mm or just over 4"

The Devil and a witch; the Devil is probably the weakest sculpt in this line-up, he looks a bit comedic, and she's hamming-it up a bit, but neither are common figures in these scales

Painted versus unpainted - "He lives!" - There's more after the link-jump and further links are there to other articles - bookmark it!

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