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Saturday, October 1, 2016

News, Views Etc...Plastic Warrior No.164

On top of it - two issues in a row; I'm on a roll! Issue 164 of 164 includes . . .

News and Views and other stuff
* Introduction
* News of James Opie's new written work
* Eurofigurines and Constant Scale received
* Feedback on previous What The !&*$?

* The issue begins with a three-pager on Timpo solid knights by Ashley Needham which also covers the fort by Pagett Brothers
* Peter Watson takes an in-depth look at Replicants various Robin Hood character figures
* Barney Brown looks at some near mint Baronial Knights from Cherilea (the ones I was thinking-of when I got it so wrong the other day!)
* There are memories of Starlux medievals from Daniel Morgan with a lovely scratch-built gothic 'yard'.
* Marx cowboys part two from Debbie Stevens looks at the 'Warriors of the World' poses.
* Converters Corner takes Armies In Plastic's Arabs and has them converted to Peninsular Spanish allies by Les White who then takes a Reamsa monk and reduces him in stature to match!
* Centre Spread is more memories of plastic warrior'ing over the years, shared by Alwyn Brice, Philip Hamilton, Mark Higginbotham, and John Murry

Regular Features
* What The !&*$? this month asks for help on:
  • §  Guards from hollow-cast moulds
  • §  A mounted six-shooter
  • §  The weirdest swoppet you ever saw, who looks remarkably Cherilea, remarkably Kinder and remarkably Italian all at the same time, yours for the ID'ing
  • §  A pair of Tiraillers who look French but might be British (lovely tassels on their fezzes
* 'Readers Letters' is a busy one starting with the editor, Paul Morehead correcting himself on combat dogs with the help of Kent Sprecher! Also corresponding are . . .
  • §  Eric Keggans - Tri-ang Forts and Galt Toys
  • §  Peter Cole - also Galt
  • §  Yours Truly - following-up on issue 163's What The !&*$?
  • §  Peter Watson - PW's May show feedback and memories of George Hill
  • §  Joe Bellis - Crescent knights
* 'What's New' covers recent releases from:
  • §  Expeditionary Force - Zulus (fantastic heads/faces, really superb)
  • §  Replicants - all sorts
  • §  Paragon Scenics - ACW (firing line)
  • §  Nicholas Kent - resin accessories (introduced/revued by Colin Penn)
Plus all the usual small-ads
Front Cover shows the painted Timpo Knights
Back Cover has a close-up of Cherilea's 'Baronial Knight'

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