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Monday, August 7, 2017

C is for Creatures / Créatures and Croissante

Some other Greenbriar/DTSC imports, all with no other branding; carded bags of insects, both courtesy of Brian Berke in New York, so available in the US (Greenbriar) and Canada (DTSC) and grow-animals.

There are at least two assortments, the left hand one being the better of the two, although these are at the bottom-end of rack-toy sculpting/quality - if you know what I mean.

Nevertheless; they make excellent 'Giant Insect' monsters with all scales of toy figures and can be painted-up.

Centipede, mantis, grasshopper/locust and fly, two of each with a minimal paint-job sprayed through stencils. You can never have too many flies!

Brian also sent shelfies of these un-ascribed cards of a crocodile and lizard. Now, there's a lot of these grow-toys around, mostly small (30/40mm) figures which grow to 60/70mm size; I'm sure you've all seen them: 'grow your own nun, girlfriend, hit-man' &etc. But these are huge! Judging by the holes in the hanging-hook plate behind they are about 12-inches to start with, if they're going to grow 600% they'll fill the bath and shove the kids out onto the floor-mat!

And they don't taste like croissants!

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