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Sunday, August 6, 2017

MTC might be for 'that' MTC?

A quick fillip to make-up for the insubstantial post, this-AM. I don't know whether to thank Peter Evan's or Brain Carrick for these, but I'm sure they were in one of two similar bags from both men at Plastic Warrior's show two years ago, so thanks to both!

Last year we had a fair bit sent-in from Brian Berke concerning a US importer MTC, and I noticed the other day that these figures have a feint MTC stamped into the tool's base, not as clear as the 'China', it would appear to be an afterthought, possibly for a contract, so it'll be worth looking-out for unmarked 'generic' versions.

Copies of old Marx WWII German Infantry poses, reduced to a sub 54mm (I didn't measure them but they're on the small side; 45/50mm'ish) - I don't believe anyone in Italy had anything to do with any part of them, ever!

Equally I don't know if it's the Blogged-last-year (mostly PVC importer) MTC or another MTC entirely and indeed I think MTC are the old Multi-Toy Corp, which would fit nicely, as these are a very similar shade of plastic as the Love Boat green figures!

On the subject of this new trend for consumer information on the bases, here Uni-Regent Holdings have hot-stamped their entire address into the base of one figure, in teeny-weeny impossible to photograph so that it's readable print! They are a similar 45/50mm as well.

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