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Thursday, May 31, 2018

P is for PVC Puce Puma and his Pals

With Corgi, Kinder, a bendy (or two) and other key-rings I have about a dozen Pink Panthers' now, and this is the latest acquisition . . .

 . . . although quite new and generic (marked '© 1995 UA China') he's a fine example of a rare animal, never seen in the wild, and a footballer to boot! Around 50mm and a bit chunky with an odd-shaped not-really-united-artists-pink-panther head; he looks like he's swallowed a rugby-ball in that cartoon fashion!

Indeed, the divergence from the usual Pink Panther shape/design suggests that despite the UA validation, it's likely an unlicensed knock-off?

A trio of the previously seen ♫♩"Panthers pink-from-head tooo-towwwww"♩♩♫ . I will try to remember to prioritise the Kinder examples when I get the rest out of storage in a month or so. I've also introduced a PP tag, and won't retro-tag the posts they originally appeared in.

I hadn't realised how tatty the damaged key-ring was until I compared him with the others, I think I have another in storage the same, so he may yet go to recycling! I know I have a bendy in storage but probably also the same sculpt as the one which came in a while ago!

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