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Monday, January 26, 2009

Frivolous Barack?

Barack Obama's first few days in office have been accompanied by some snide articles or radio pieces about the number of parties he attended after his inauguration, his trip round Air Force One and so on.

Well no one can seriously deny him the right to attend the parties held in HIS honour, by the people who not only funded his victory, but who will be needed to support, lobby for and - maybe - fund his policies.

Likewise, If I was reminded by one of my staffers that I had a big sky-blue Boeing 747 with built-in bath, bed, 'phones and Office, I'd want to take a look! Does this merit, not just the column inches it's received, but the tone?

No it's envy, pure and simple. Give the guy a chance, when you start a new job, you get a week or so to find your feet and sus things out, it just so happens he found his feet walking round a 'planes carpet!

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