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Saturday, January 3, 2009

R is for Revell

I can't remember where I got these from, but it was more likely to have been a general toy fair rather than a war-gaming convention. General toy fairs and railway enthusiasts meets always have richer pickings for esoteric collectors such as myself, and I never understand why people complain about - for instance; the lack of Airfix Highlanders, when if you go to the right place you'll find as many as you want.

I used to think these were repackaged Plasticville by Bachmann, but they are in fact a different thing altogether, the kit is not as simple as a Bachmann, not as pre-coloured as the European kits of the same era, yet has more accessories than the Airfix Branchline stuff.

The figures look like Preiser but aren't, there are figures in the set at the top, but they don't show up so well as they are brown, and I haven't taken them out of the bag!

I used to always make up old kits like this, I made-up two (not one but two!) True-scale jailhouses (what an idiot!!), these days I am a little less philistine in my approach to old toys and models, but will always take new production off the sprue - the stuff t'aint never gonna be worth nothing, not even the 'limited edition' sets from the East.

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