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Thursday, January 8, 2009

S is for S'mother Stuff!

This is last post today and is to clear a couple of little companies, who's contributions to the small scale world have been on the minor side...

Soma was/is a trade Mark for a Chinese (Probably based in Hong Kong) company making/marketing carded pocket-money or rack toys. They produced two sets of aircraft and space vessels, each of which came with a pair of 'pilots', there were 12 poses in all, they wear a mixture of WWI, WWII, futuristic, SCUBA, fire-fighting and law-enforcement equipment with or without motorcycle/ice-hockey/Africa Corps headgear!!! Oh, and at least one was a female!

Issued in grey plastic with the space-ships and green with the Fighters, they were touched up in colours which could only serve to enhance the awfulness of the aforementioned equipment! Now that Caesar have started doing proper small scale fantasy these will make excellent space troopers. Each was numbered under the base.

Spears were a company long since swallowed up by Parker/Waddingtons (now Hasbro), that produced a board game in the 1970's called Trek, with an assortment of pieces useful to the war gamer, boxes of supplies, several nice 25mm mules, 30mm plastic flats of hunters and a reasonable 1:87'ish willies jeep.


Ole Præst said...

I really, really like the space/soldier/diver figures! Especially the red/purple guy.

Hugh Walter said...

If you search Soma, there is (or was on Saturday?) a small set of these on UK evilBay now . . . might have finished on Sun, but might have not sold and been re-listed . . worth a check!

And nice to see someone going through the old posts! Soma again - in a day or two! Aug.2017