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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

S is for Scalecraft - Saladin Armoured Car

As I begin to collect the larger scales seriously, and as I experiment with eBay and try to build up the dreaded (and increasingly meaningless) 'Feedback', I have been picking up a fair few bargains which I'll be showing highlights of over the next few days. This was one of them.

Reasonably accurately described by the seller, as 'Scalecraft Saladin Tank Near Complete' or something similar, it had no bids and I picked it up for 99p with a hour to go? When you see what two people will bid each other up to for a pile of schisser sometimes, you begin to realise eBay is a madhouse!

It is in fact totally complete, even down to the stickers and has only two bits of minor damage, a loose command pennant and a broken lifting ring/towing eye, which was broken by the good old Post Office and is sitting in a clic-seal bag waiting a superglue session, as this is made of an ethylene and will be hard to glue.

It's true that it has no motor, but they were sold with or without, built or in kit-form to fit every budget so that's no problem!

Scalecraft made a few of these kits, including an imaginary amphibious truck, an MTB in near 1:76 scale and the best Thunderbird Two! I think they made T1 and T3 as well? All clip together and pre-coloured.

I guess the lack of interest lies in the fact that it's not German, American or from the Second World War? But it's real life cousin has seen more action than a lot of post war designs, famously in the streets of Kuwait City and along the beach front when the Iraqis invaded in the early 1990's, but also Oman/Radfan, Indonesia, Central/South America, Sri Lanka and various African conflicts.

When the Saladin was withdrawn from service 'down under' the Australians put the turrets on their US supplied M113's, but proving top heavy they replaced them with Scorpion turrets as soon as they became available (rather like our 432B/432-30 with the Fox scout car's 30mm Rarden turret), however it meant half-a-saladin saw service in that iconic cold-war conflict - Vietnam.


WOTAN said...

I had one of these and the Chieftain tank. Mine came with motor and was really nippy. Unfortunately, I got it in pre-superglue days, so if it hit anything it was back to square one to rebuild it!

Maverick Collecting said...

As far as I know, no one has got together a master list of these yet, and they were an interesting range, I think there was a Spitfire (or Hurricane?), a stuka, a modern police-type helicopter, and posibly a hovercraft? They were only 'toys', but they were well crafted, and sturdy, albit with little loosable bits!

Also I belive they were sold to another company, and you can get late ones in another firms packageing...Palitoy or Kenner or someone like that? Merit?

Maverick Collecting said...

Err...I've just googled the catalogue....on your blog!!!!! Last August. They did an MF135...I'll kill for a fergie! And it was a Spitfire, not a Hurrie, I guess the amphibian was based on industry rumour vis-a-vis the Stalwart?

Fraxinus said...

Scalecraft excellent, I have a pristine boxed Chieftain tank, as a kid had the spitfire, cessna Floatplane (particular favourite with opening doors & excellent motor)& ME109

Anonymous said...

Hi Hugh,

Scalecraft were only available with motors, that was their USP.

They didn't do any Thunderbirds toys - you're thinking of the similar range from Lincoln International.

Sean (from Airfixcollecting)