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Thursday, March 25, 2010

C is for Cameo Guild Studios

In 1993, Cameo Guild Studios produced the second series/scene for Dave Grossman, the setting was - I believe - in the ballroom of the same house (Tara). I don't know if there was another display stand or if they had to go on the original one, as it would be silly to have two Scarlett's on one stand and financially expedient to sell another chunk of poured resin to the 'faithful', I'm guessing there was?

The guy I bought these off, didn't understand 'Kidult Collectables' and used to open the packaging and take out the inserts, which he then placed elsewhere, when we sold the bulk of the collection we had to give a member of staff the job of sorting wads of paperwork back into the original packaging! So while the first issue's have a little card telling you about the model/stand, and inviting you to register each figure (Why? in case they run away and get back to the factory, Disney's 'Incredible Journey' style!! No, so they can send you direct marketing crap about more overpriced shite until hell freezes over!), these have no info at all.

Again, Left-to-right; Scarlett, Suellen, Rhett Butler and both Ashley Wilkes & Charles Hamilton in their Confederate Army dress-uniform.

This set was a little larger with the men a good 35mm, comparison shot shows Charles and Suellen with Airfix, Accurate/Revell and Spencer Smith Reb's together with an SAE camp follower.

[The bottom of the box says "Twelve Oaks, Scene II" so I guess that was the location of the new resin lump?]


Peter Brown, Instructor said...

Cool GWTW figures! How did Rhett Butler die? No one's written it, until NOW! www.deathofrhett.blogspot.com

Red Cardinal said...

Ah Sue Ellen (who for some reason I first read as "sullen") :)

Maverick Collecting said...

I think that's how it is on the box? I've buried them under a ton of other stuff now so it'll just have to stay that way!

Thanks for calling by!

Gina Draker STUDIO said...

Hi, I was the prototype sculptor for these figurines at Cameo Guild when these were produced. It was a fun project, as I'm a huge GWTW fan! This was my first project at Cameo and having just come from sculpting for Goebel's Disney miniatures, I did notice a distinct difference in the production style. Wow! Seeing them again brings back memories of being a young and upcoming sculptor! Thanks for your blog post!

Maverick Collecting said...

Hi Gina, thanks for the comments - especially as I was not too kind about the marketing behind all this poured-resin! They are - never-the-less - really nice figures and among my favourites.


Lenora Hill said...

I am making a Gone With The Wind village with my Hawthorne GWTW buildings. How and where would I find these.

Hugh Walter said...

This late in the day Lenora - evilBay! Feebay, feeblebay...you'll find them all at eBay!