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Sunday, March 28, 2010


I took the first photograph two weeks ago meaning to put it up as 'The first rays of spring' type thing, but because I'm really lazy at updateing all my non-toy Soldier blogs, it didn't happen, then doing the greenhouse on Friday I took the second photo and voila! A post worth looking at....I hope?

Two Weeks Ago

Two Days Ago


Fraxinus said...

yup spring is here at last blackthorn just about coming into flower in the hedgerows of kent the first blaze of Cherry blossom in evidence also

Maverick Collecting said...

Blackthorn was in bloom on the Reading-Basingstoke bypass two weeks ago (and some hazel type thing was bursting forth), but only there, we've still got a week to go I think, the height here works against us in the Winter, but we get the West Country's Summer, so best/worst? of both worlds!

The Snow-drops and crocuses were very disappointing this year, but the Daff's are starting to give a better show, just late!