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Sunday, May 30, 2010

P is for Plunder, show plunder!

A month late but here is the first stage of the sorting of my plunder from the Plastic Warrior show in Richmond at the start of the month.

Left to right, back to front (vaguely!); Two nice European Cavalry, I think one French one Spanish? Street light from F.G. Taylor. A pile of civilian and farm figures and a pile of astronauts and Sci-Fi figures. All the Robin Hood/William Tell and medieval examples, a tractor from the Timee factory in Germany with a nice policeman by Solido behind, a pile of Napoleonics and two Hong Kong divers with the Blue Box fort in front. In the center an unusual African and various animals including a dinosaur! To the front the additions to my Bonux which I covered a week or so ago, two Merten 40mm, three - probably French - knights and tanks from Jimson (also now covered), Russia (flat) and an unknown (to me, not the Matchbox one, not the Budgie one?), British Die-cast.

Cowboys and Indians, a couple of carded items and the small scale mostly sorted already into 4x5 inch bags. Two really nice Coma figurines; Alpini in white and Bersaglieri in red, with a mint Rosenhain & Lipmann rail-car (horse and cattle wagon), to the front three French combat infantry, a few bits, a load of Timee (most Germany but some US production), two smaller piles of ACW and Ceremonials and a bag of unpainted Prieser ACW peeking from the right.
The size range of the non-small scale stuff, the Marx PVC circus performer (bottom right) is 40mm.

I also got a bag of Britains pirates on Timpo copy bases which I'm saving for a future post and a few other bits that went straight into their 'homes'.


Anonymous said...

This soldier was produced by "LINTEK in 1992 in Ekaterinburg (Russia).

Maverick Collecting said...

I'm terribly sorry I missed your comment two years ago, and the links dead now, but I have since found the two Russian Language forums on toy soldiers, and the Lintek thread on one of them, but thank you for the comment anyway, and for stopping to leave it on your way through!