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Monday, August 30, 2010

O is for Other Forts

As we seem to be working through the forts at the moment, I thought I'd post a few loose ends, being those of the right age but wrong design to fit the Giant/post Giant design.

I think I've shown this card before, but here is a close up of the fort, making a square less than three inches on a side as apposed to the 8 inches of those we've been looking at. It's gone for the same plug-in corner design, but with the towers fixed to the side walls and only plugging front and rear.

Meanwhile the early British companies went for two-dimensional relief designs, the largest (top) is by Cherilea, the one in the middle I suspect of being Speedwell, purely from the plastic used, it being very similar to the Speedwell Germans or their Sentry Box, although that was 3D.

The last two aren't really forts at all, but always strike me as being ruined dungeons? Again these are Cherilea, and they did three other designs like these, but clearly in a larger scale, and brick house construction not stone fort, so they'll see light on the blog another day.

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