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Sunday, August 29, 2010

P is for Pencil Topper

Long, long ago...In a Galaxy far, far away...they had Mausers, Stirling SMG's and MG34's with extra bits stuck on...oh yeah, and they had inter-planetary and inter-system faster-than-light drives! Other than that it was all a bit Wild Wild West!!

In a galaxy a bit nearer home, like err...the former Crown Colony of Hong Kong; They had Polyvinyl-chloride, lots of it, AND they knew how to use it!

Wherever possible the one I believe to be the oldest is on the left, Darth - he got an ice-pick...in his legs, which were redesigned in later years, leaving him a bit of a mini-me-Vader!! R2D2 might be from another series of heads only?

Right, that's me running out of vague cultural references! I'm missing an orange-brown wicket, but then Pakistani bowlers have apparently been doing that for days and in my defence - I'm not trying!

Far from it, I keep finding them on FeeBay at a tenner a pop! Some of these dealers should be strung-up and run-through with a damp dish-cloth, bloody rip-off merchants, these things are 10/20p car-booty, and asking 20 quid for a set of six is marginally less criminal than paying an Ayrton Senna for a late production figure.

Apologies for the flare coming off the white/pale areas, I took the photo's twice, but the camera has started not recognizing when it's in Macro, so is giving a full blast on the flash at point-blank range. It's only three years old, nearly a hundred quid, it shouldn't be allowed, but that's about how long they last!

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