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Saturday, August 21, 2010

U is for Unknown Aircraft

While sorting out the Photograph for the Battle of Britain memorial piece last night, I shot these two as well, now I have lots of unknown aircraft I wouldn't dream of boring you with, but these two are worth a more public forum in the hope of identification...

The first is presumably meant to be a Czechoslovakian-service Russian Mig fighter, but is managing to look more like a V1 on it's launch-skid! It is missing the top tail-plane, and from time to time I consider making a replacement, but feel one shouldn't bugger-about with what may be a rare thing! Any ideas? It's about 1:90, 100% wood with paint, the red disc on the tail-fin is on both sides, there's no markings underneath.

The second one is even more interesting, a polished perspex model of - I think - a Messerschmitt Me.109? Could be a modern western 'collectable' from Franklin or Danbury and co.? Or, a post-war corporate desk model from Spain, Finland, Switzerland or Roumania? Either way, I suspect it's having been attached to an ash-tray or similar 'objet'.

Secondly - Could it be a Master, for a range of white-metal models?

The other alternative is that it is from National Socialist Germany. around 1:100/110 and obviously missing a propeller and tail-planes it also has a small hole for a mounting-wire (?) underneath, forward of the cockpit, under the cockpit itself is an air-scoop. No other details or markings. Again - any Ideas?


Paul said...

Hi Hugh, while I was at Cranwell last month I came across quite a few items just like the second aircraft. While some where in alloy most were in perspex.

I asked about them and it seemed that when the Aircraftmen were in trade the final part was a competition to construct aviation related articles out of material for the likes of ashtrays and desk onaments.

I also did see many more at the 11 group underground bunker at Uxbridge as well.

Perhaps, perhaps.

Maverick Collecting said...

Cheers Paul, that sounds highly likely, no part of it (not even the fuselage) is thicker than the canopy on a real one, which (as I'm sure you know - but other readers might not?) is so thick it needs an explosive wire for ejection, presumably to survive bird-strike, so that's probably the answer, made from a damaged canopy hanging around the workshop...

Thanks! I'll stick a note on it; 'Apprentice-Piece?'