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Sunday, March 24, 2013

W is for Weird Welsh Lady

No - Not Morgana le Fay! This is one of the oddest figures in my collection, being a solid lump of early polystyrene or one of the later - stable - cellulose acetates and made to look like a composition piece, thereby ignoring all the benefits of the plastics technology...lightweight moulding, transfer of detail etc...

She is around 50mm, but with the heavy base looks OK next to 54mm/1:32 scale figures and her five-colour paint scheme includes the pink cheeks so redolent of old style hollow-cast toy soldiers.

Clearly a tourist piece of the sort sold in all sorts of outlets throughout Wales, from coffee shops to castle gift shops and depicting a Welsh Girl in the traditional dress that sent an invading French Army running for their ships in 1797, after Jemima Nichols managed to round-up 15 invaders with a pitchfork!

As there is no real sign of a sprue (there are one or two paint chips, but the plastic looks smoothly finished underneath) I can only conclude that someone poured hot plastic into an old composition or plaster-figure mould, then used his/her bare thumb to swipe the excess from the open-end - see the marks on the base? Has anyone got an identical figure in plaster or a composition material in their collection?


Anne said...

She a cutie. I like her little bow lips.

Maverick Collecting said...

And blue eyes! What self-respecting man of these isles can resist a village accent with blue eyes!...after church on a Sunday!

Cider, Rosie?