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Friday, December 6, 2013

C is for Corgi Canines

We have seen this policeman a couple of time in the last year or so, these things often overlap! A quick overview of the canine component of the Corgi population;

There is at least one missing from this collage, the corgi mentioned the other night which came with the jubilee Landau. Clockwise from top right; St. Bernard with in-built alcoholic revival system and handler; Chipperfield's circus dog-trainer with poodles, some require the bases to stand-up properly, they form a small pyramid, there were standing black ones in the set and the white ones can be found in cream (probably because they've been left in sunlight);Farmer's sheep dog; Two dogs from the four that came with a Kennel-club truck.

Paint finishes on the Circus trainer and the policeman with his Alsatian, this dog was another of the four that came with the kennel-club vehicle.

The hand-painted faces all end-up with their own distinct character, and Mary Chipperfield was no exception.

All the above were vinyl except for the performing poodles who come in styrene and have often lost the rear-paws and locating stud.


Sam Wise said...

the faces of the girl are uncommon !
that's interesting to remember that the hand-painted figures could be different. Did you notice something like that in other figures ?

(news from the Calendar: an Ood, 2 Daleks, a Silent, a Cyberman, a Weeping Angel...the collection is growing !)

Maverick Collecting said...

Yes Sam, they all do but not all of them have 'faces' some are unpainted and some of the smaller ones are just pink, but with the larger PVC ones there is usually a 'choice' of faces.

Glad the calender is proving fruitful, I'm recording my Lidl chocolates on Facebook daily!