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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

G is for Guards - At Ease...Stand Easy!

These are all Britains from the Herald range, with two older UK polyethylene production on the left and two of the later Hong Kong production in PVC to the right, the first with a plug-on base the second with a integrally moulded base.

Left to right; Britains Detail in a dense PVC, unknown swoppet (Speedwell?), unknown swoppet (Charbens?), early Timpo and late Timpo - all ethylene, then a Timpo-Toyway in vinyl an interim/late Timpo or Timpo-Toyway, probably in polypropylene.

Crescent for Kellogg's in scarlet polyethylene, a painted Crescent in the darker plastic, Timpo Kentoys (thanks Dave - see comments), Charbens and the unknown - possibly European premium - we looked at the other day.


David Scrivener said...

The bottom photo, guard in the middle with medals, not a Timpo solid, but Kentoys, although (obviously by its style) it was designed, in his early days, by Norman Tooth.
Ref PW Kentoys Special.

Maverick Collecting said...

Thanks Dave, I don't have my 'specials' with me. He's in good nick at well! I think I've got to update the Timpo post as well now!!