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Friday, December 20, 2013

G is for Guards - Timpo Solids

We now know that one of these (far right) isn't Timpo at all! He actually a Norman Tooth design for Kentoys. I think the other two are Timpo though...Dave?


David Scrivener said...

Yes Hugh, the other two are Timpo, and there was also an officer sword and a bugler arm version, plus a Highlander figure with the same 4 arm versions. For military geeks, and there were probably thousands of school boys like that back then, there is one big fault with this set - British soldiers march with rifle at the slope on the other shoulder. Only US soldiers march with rifle on right shoulder. This may account for the comparative rarity of these figures - they looked out of place in a typical kid's 'regiment' of assorted brands. The flag arm doesn't really work either.
Hope, this helps, Dave.

Maverick Collecting said...

Commeth the call, commeth the man! Perfect answer...thanks Dave

(might have the bugler?)


Maverick Collecting said...

Yes - he's in the queue, next day or two...I don't know why he's not in this line up? But it was a big photo-sesh, about a year and a half ago, and I kept changing my mind as I went, so some figures are missing from the company specific shots, others are missing from the thematic shots!!

But they've all got the 'ceremonial' tag so in the future they'll all line up and anyone wanting to can download the images and sort them out at home!...so long as they don't republish them as theirs, like some plagiarist Canuck I know!