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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

News, Views etc...New Pages, New Website

New Pages

I've added a couple of pages, they are the first of many, while the cross-reference one is still a woeful version of what will sit there in the end, time waits for no man, and I've had other stuff on my plate!

The first (added about a week ago) is a list of company status terms some of which are present on toys and figures or their packaging as marks. The other (added just now) is a list of foreign terms with a brief translation into English...this is not a dictionary, but rather what the word or phrase equates to.

Anybody who would like to contribute suggestions, corrections or additions to either page, or any of the forthcoming pages can eMail me at the usual address; maverickatlarge[at]hotmail[dot]com. All contributions will be gratefully received and acknowledged.

'Pages' are the floating words immediately below the border of the banner-header at the top of this page.

New Website

Barney Brown has a new site devoted to Herald toy figures and animals which can be found here;

Herald Toys and Models

There is also a sales page here;


I will add the site to the side bar at some point along with the ones in the Plastic Warrior review the other day.


Sam Wise said...

wow !! you're working hard on your blog! -I'm not sure but it seems that you write a post per day ! Is it an Advent Calendar ???
(he he)
I've mine and it is a wonderful one !!

Le Hobbit Premier

Maverick Collecting said...

I was just about to eMail you to see if it had arrived! There will be more, but I thought you'd like that - soon as!

No, just catching up for the time I lost over the summer, I'm on a dongle at home for Internet which is v.expensive for uploading images, so I take them to the library and do them in batches in draft, then go home and do the text at home...Corgi next interspersed with more thematic Guards.