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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A is for After the Blurb...The Battle!

Having just slagged the set off (above - when I post it) for various reasons, mostly based on modern sensibilities, it has to be said that if you were a kid of around 10 years of age somewhere in the mid-1960's and you unwrapped this on Christmas morning...

Fuckin'AAY!...although you wouldn't have got away with that in the 1960's...in fact I hope you wouldn't get away with it in any decent household now, but I'm a grown-up, sort of...with Asperger's..and my own blog!

Anyway, brilliant set - on another level and here it is all set up....left click to enormify, right click to enormify in a new tab or window.


Ross Mac rmacfa@gmail.com said...

That was one I realllllly wanted but you pretty much nailed the modern equivalent of my reaction upon unwrapping my Over the Top set.

good thing Im not rich enough or close enough to civilization or my house might be even more cluttered.

Hugh Walter said...

See post above Ross, for a close-up (published after your comment was posted!), I'm writing badly tonight (real life stuff has me in a shitty mood!) but the pictures are OK!


Hugh Walter said...

PS - The Over the Top set is one I'm still after, it had several unique'ies in it!!