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Friday, June 12, 2015

D is for Deadstone!

Currently in both 99p Stores (single carded figures) and my perennial favourite The Works (boxed sets with several 'dead' figures and the graveyard staff)...

For 99p you get a lot, issued by UK importers H Grossman under their Ozbozz distribution branding, the company website no longer has details of the Deadstone Valley toys, hence their now appearing in clearance outlets, but the Deadstone Valley website still seems to be supported?

There is also a code in each set that can be used on the above website, and - doing a quick bit of research on the range just now - it seemed some of the figures have a head-swap feature, a second quick check - of this chick - confirmed that she has indeed got a plug-in head!

I'd add that the Works' set seems to include figures not included in the website's listed 12, a vampire for starters...and they have a slot-base system not apparent on this figure, so the 'real' source may well be continuing with these, or has issued some sets ex-HGL?

A bit gruesome and not something I'll be in a hurry to track-down the rest of, but they will be of interest to someone and if you're that 'someone'; now's the time to seek them out, while they're cheap!

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