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Thursday, July 2, 2015

P is for Proes; Promociones Especiales

Sorting out old photographs today, well scanning them and throwing the paper copies away, I keep the negatives, but eventually they'll be scanned in as well. Found these, they're a bit lower-resolution than you'll be used to, but they get the message across!

Easier to just give the blurb from the old book manuscript;

Promociones Especiales, Ediciones Anceo, Apartado 23029, Barcelona, Spain
Another Sobre (surprise) issuer, selling 30mm figures in little envelopes, probably with some gum or sweets. There may be a connection with a company called Grafic 3 SA, but I suspect they are just the designers/printers of the envelopes. The figures are based on the Marx 6-inch range and are of superior quality to the output of Montaplex/Hobbyplast and as stated; larger.
Known Sets
- Combate (copies of Dubkin-Mundi Japanese infantry)
- Grandes Jefes Indio (Indian Big-chiefs, Marx 6" copies)
- Le Barca de Noe (Noah's Ark, animals)
- Pistoleros Del Oeste (Western Gunfighters, Marx 6" copies)
- Soldados y Commandos (Commando Soldiers, copies of Dubkin-Mundi US infantry)

I suspect there is at least one figure missing from this bag, the Marx set was six poses, and the other set has five so one feels there should be 6, has any Spanish reader got these?

The other set, nice figures, but at 30mm they are hard to place with other products, they do sit well with Marx Miniature Masterpiece sets and the Blue Box/Marx Sunshine Series ethylene Britains copies. Again the Marx 6" originals were six poses, so there may be one missing, but I can't find them on the Sobre website/forum, so?

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Hugh Walter said...

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psorribesb said...


I have others sets of PROES:

- Orzowei (jungle animals)
- Sandokan (paper figures)
- Marco (surprises)
- Hombre Fuerte (superman figures)

- La Barca de Noe (farm animals)
- Fauna amiga (farm animals)
- El pequeño Zoo (farm animals)
- Los Amigos de la Pradera (farm animals)

- Combate (misture copies infantry Dunkin-Mundi)
- Soldados y Comandos A (misture copies infantry Dunkin-Mundi)
- Soldados y Comandos B (misture copies infantry Dunkin-Mundi)
- Al Ataque (misture copies infantry Dunkin-Mundi)
- En Accion (misture copies infantry Dunkin-Mundi)
- Patrulla de Guerra (misture copies infantry Dunkin-Mundi)
- Soldados Audaces (misture copies infantry Dunkin-Mundi)

I haven´t:

- Pistoleros Del Oeste (Western Gunfighters, Marx 6 "copias)
- Grandes Jefes Indio (Indian Big-chiefs, Marx 6 "copias)

I have figures of all of them.

I have the gunfighthers and indian figures that you haven`t.

If you want we can change ítems.



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I'll eMail you separately, but thanks for the information on the other sets, I killed your comment so you don't pick-up lots of spam from the eMail!