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Friday, July 10, 2015

S is for Spiders Sir! 'Faasands of 'em!

Been rather knocked-out by Tonsillitis the last week or so, or rather the penicillin that came with it - as a two-for-one - courtesy of the NHS..well; I thought I'd better get my money's-worth before Cameron flogs it to his old school mates 'al la Royal Fail!

Plenty to post, just can't be arsed at the moment! So here's some arachnids for a change...

Aren't they lovely? Each is just over a millimetre, they were on a leaf in a park in Maidenhead back at the start of June, the mother was keeping her distance, I wonder if she was first thing on the coming-out party menu, they often are!


Jan Ferris said...

Nice plastics bits!

Hugh Walter said...

Meah! Heart's not in it...and I've never promised 'plastic bits'!