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Saturday, July 4, 2015

T is for Tourney

Clearing-out/scanning old pictures, I came across these and thought they were fun, so low-res as they are I'm going to subject you to them...

Three Merten 40'mils, two Starlux and five Marx (30/35mm'ish) have a bash-about to 'Pax' or 'Yield' while five more Marx watch-on from the back, a mounted umpire (key-ring conversion) stands ready to intervene if the banter and joshing gets a bit heated!

The flat trees and shrubs are from a dozen or so makes including Cherilea, Jean, Manurba, and two Triang 'Battle Game' conversions, while I suspect the spray-painted one at the back left may have been rescued from a damaged snow-globe/shaker.

I'd also taken a photograph of the set-up for photography. These two were taken about the year 2000? You can see in the background I was supposed to be taking the pictures for the Giant Wild West articles for 1 Inch Warrior magazine, but clearly got distracted by shiny knights!

I would have been using an old 35mm Zenith with a macro lens and extension tubes.

That lamp was about 7-quid from IKEA, but it used to give me a splitting headache within minutes of being switched-on, which I suspect has something to do the the Asperger's as you wouldn't develop a bulb that resonated at a wavelength that gave NT's headaches; you'd never sell them, so it must be me!

Fond memories of the Old Holborn...on the 7th it will be a year since I started vapeing and I haven't had a 'fag' since.


Paul´s Bods said...

So that´s why some lamps give me headaches!!! Aha!!!

Hugh Walter said...

Yeah! Strip-lights flash very fast, slow ones like the old long office/school/factory ones are OK, but some of these short, bright, fancy ones for fitted-kitchen cabinets and the like are set to run just wrong for some people...me! You must be a 'kin'tard too! Did you get a bang on the heed as a baby? Mmwwaaaahahahaha!


Ross Mac rmacfa@gmail.com said...

It shows how much I'm not a collector that it seems very odd to see pictures of MY toys on someone else's webpage. But I just need to re-find 1 more bit and I'll be ready to take some pictures of the little what's left of my Over the Top set for you and we can see if its worth mailing.

btw those lights can also affect older computer screens, we used to have to tinker with refresh rates occasionally.

Hugh Walter said...

Hi Ross...???? It'll be worth it...whatever it looks like...you saw the posts the other day...I can't get enough MMM, who'd have thought they made an oil-cabinet...

I will one day do the knights full justice as I have lots in good condition, but they are in storage, and while a few have come in recently, I looked at them the other week when I took the rest of the photo's on the bits and bobs, but they are mostly broken. Not that I turn them down as broken styrene figures can be glued - at some point - so future conversion calls!

Re. Bulbs...I wonder if it's just them then? They are the sort of 6-inch ice-clear bulbs about half an inch broad with a very bright white light?