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Saturday, February 20, 2016

AMX is for Blobs of Plastic

Another quick Montaplex box-tick...or envelope-lick! They actually produced three of these AMX-13 a'like AFV's, which is strange as Spain was never (as far as I know or can find) a user of the type...maybe one of the colonies? The third model is a micro-blob in - I think - two parts and not shown here, the others are workable with a hot glue-gun, sharp knife and application of advanced painting skills!

The earlier version is the white one on the left, it's very crude and has a tendency to fall-apart as soon as you've [nearly] finished putting it together! The later one (shown on the envelope as a Pz.II 'Luchs' - Lynx) was a more realistic sculpt, but still fails to model the canvas cover of the oscillating-turret, or indeed the turret; terribly well at all.

Comparison between the two construction systems, ironically the track-units on the fall-apart version have a better profile than those on the re-design. They both have a poor excuse for the flash-eliminator!

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