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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

F is for Follow-up - Novelties and Christmas Cracker Contents

Hummmm....should have made that 'C is for...'! Just a quick follow-up before too much more of the year has gone by, with this published: there will be 71 articles left in 'Draft', most loaded in the last three weeks, but a couple going back years...they should start getting published from next Wednesday!

Also three pages are nearing finishing; the Galoob one I've posted, but the text is still to come, the Composition one is being edited again, still depresses me though, and I'll have to find all the missing links, and a third is nearly finished. I have also made some progres with the HK Cowboys, Indians and horses page, but it's still ages away at the moment.

Also I notice - while using the library computers - that some of the Blog's features are a bit kak, there's not a lot I can do about that, it's down to limitations and settings of individual machines, but the new blue of the hyperlinks is showing too-dark on some machines...

This just-past Christmas' crop of tat. Nail-clippers are not - of cource - tat, but very useful and 'posher' cracker always seem to have a set! More skittles, more spinning tops! The metal puzzle proves my previous comment about mechanisms totally wrong, having a very clever solution involving negative space (and the bending of dark matter I susspect)...just when you think it's never going to go, it undoes itself!

And...am I the only one who used to play 'Thunderbird Two' with the tag at the top of the penut-net way-back-when?

I thought this empty After-eight box looked a bit like the Pyro car ferry, and though you should see it too!

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