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Thursday, February 11, 2016

News, Views etc....Jigtoys

Had a nice eMail from Nick Symes (who's the chap behind the increasingly comprehensive and excellent British cereal premium site 'Cereal Offers' we've linked to once or twice), he's starting to get the Kellogg's pages loaded, and provided three links to his Jig Toys posts which I've added to the jig-toy page (above).

It answers several questions but leaves me needing to edit the page (again!), which I'll try do do promptly...in the meantime...the horses aren't missing their ears...the gap 'is' their ears! The tractor, likewise never had a sticky-up exhaust, so the Merit one isn't broken. The difference between all the wagons is partly-explained by different mouldings over time and there were three sets, not the two in 'Cluck' with some very different toys in the third which helps explain things. Anyway; links are above.


Jan Ferris said...

There is one thing I don't like about these types of lists. They display all of the promotions that I have missed. Drat!

Hugh Walter said...

I know....the fantasy used to be - win the lottery, buy a couple of master collections, job done - now...it's win several lotteries, discover the secret of eternal life, buy everything you see for a thousand years and still have gaps in the collection!