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Thursday, February 18, 2016

R is for Rocketry

We'll pull the shutter down on 'space day' after this one! having taken your winged Electra-Glide or fancy train into town avoiding the steam-punk road roller on the way, you need transport of an altogether more violent nature to escape the 'surly bonds of Earth' and travel to your intergalactic heavy-weapons stations....

...and there's no shortage of choice in the space-port today! the Chromium-plated Thunderbirds ones are candy-container lids I think? Or actually candy-containers, missing their lids..sherbet dips? The dime-store three-stage is unknown to me, while the chocolate-brown cap-bomb is a particularly fine example of the genre, although passengers must be strapped to the outside please!

Two Wannatoys space-cars might have made for a better trip to the space-port, than either a Harley-D or a 'streamlined' train! Although the cockpit nacelle/bubble-canopy is the wrong way round on one of them and it's not that clear which one!

A close-up of the dime-store rocket and a couple of larger space weapons....one - the missile-launcher is a very common design, being given away with American cereals, British comics, copied by Jean &etc...ad nauseum in dozens of slightly different designs and various polymers - we will return to them, in a post of their own one day.

The other is a copy in plastic of the Lone Star army-lorry piece originally a die-cast item.

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