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Saturday, May 14, 2016

L is for Look What You're Missing!

Plastic Warrior's Crescent Special...launched about the same time this appears here - if I get the 'Schedule Post' thing right...which I've never tried before!

If you are in Whitton this morning (or this afternoon) chances are you've seen this and snapped it up, if not - it will probably sell-out about 3 o'clock! But I know Paul will have more printed in the weeks ahead for those who couldn't make it to the show.

56 Printed pages, only one given over to editorial bumph (the outside back cover!), the rest being a comprehensive history of Crescent, an illustrated (lavishly illustrated) check-list of the plastic production, including many boxed examples, oddities, rarities and the like.

Full-colour throughout with the odd B&W archive image, this is the forth (?) edition of the 'Crescent Special' and it is the definitive word on the subject, being the culmination to date of all the contributions of PW readers over the years, interviews with company personnel, dips in the catalogue archive and observations on the empirical evidence left behind for us to collect.

Really: you can't afford not to have a copy if you collect 54mm plastic figures....40mm or 60mm plastic figures...farm...space or circus toys...Kellogg's...available for PW at all the usual sources;

eMail; pw.editor@ntlworld.com

However...There's still time to get to Twicker's!

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