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Friday, June 10, 2016

T is for Two - Cherilea Rarities

Clearing Picasa with this post!

This is rather exquisite, photographed the other day on Adrian's stall, well outside my budget! Obviously designed by the same guy who did the UN troops, but he seems to have improved his sculpting slightly, and they work better for not having all the panoply of combat soldiers draped over them!

It's a bit impractical, I assume it's designed to float, but without the weight-system of Timpo and Britains, combined with their flat-bottoms; it's unable to stand-up on the carpet. I didn't try to assemble the loose figure as at this age it's best not to try, unless you've paid for the item first!

This has been in Picasa since March 2013, so well over-due for its fifteen minutes! The 1st version British Infantry swoppet-type, with plug-on boots, a separate bayonet and integrally-moulded sniper's rifle, I bought some 2nd version bits the other day, and it's the best way to collect these, a hand-full of bits at a time and mix and match until you can make-up a few complete ones.

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