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Thursday, October 6, 2016

S is for Surgical Solids . . . Euwe!

or...W is for Ward 10

When we looked at the tin-plate ambulance the other day I mentioned that it would fit well with the Hospital, forgetting that I had this languishing in 'edit' from the bulk upload in January (there's still 23 posts back there/then!), and following a spike in traffic the other day realised that the other two are vaguely get-at'able (see last image) so let's have a shuftie . . .

This was described as the 'surgical set', and came from PW's show in 2012, I've seen the hospital (Emergency Ward 10) a few times on feebleBay, in various states, and I suppose the instructions divide the contents into 'groups' as the accessories are different colours, but it may just be how the seller sold them to me?

As befitting a surgery, everything is sanitised in white; with a surgeon and several nursing staff, a patient and various pieces of equipment. I don't think it's complete, as there should- presumably - be stands or trolleys of some kind for the gas/air tanks, and I've previously seen a drip-line and bottle hanging-off the stand, that is present.

The operating table/autopsy slab is fully adjustable in three planes; tipping back-to-front, revolving and capable of raising and lowering, here shown at full extent.

A close-up with the winding mechanism closed-down.

The figures: the surgeon is baseless and I think he's meant to lean over the patient but I can't seem to get him to stand up; he look's as if he's falling backwards out of the window!

None of these are named, but there was a small boxed set (also by Mettoy) of painted figures from Emergency Ward 10 with names on each plinth-like base for four characters, a stethoscope and a bed with patient; covered in Plastic Warrior a while ago now, it also turns-up on feeBay occasionally

The accessories: the light-fitting has a sucker to be attached to the tin-plate roof of the surgery, the bucket has a moving handle. Note the trolley-table is marked Hong Kong as are some other pieces, which helps explain the difference in sculpting between this set and the not shown characters who are visibly 'early British' in the platicity!
I'd bought two other 'sets' at the previous autumn's Birmingham show (2011) from the same seller, but they went straight into storage, so we'll have to look at them properly another time, but you can see the ward set comes with red accessories, the maternity set having pale blue pieces, but both also have white things and the wheelchair is pink, hence my suspicion that they aren't necessarily specific (or complete) sets.

Other accessories were in green and there were red nylon scraps for blankets, while more pink items exist - sinks/wash basins.


Paul´s Bods said...

If there was a whole range..which would be basically civilians..patients and medical staff, it would be possible to create a game based on saving lives etc. Create and develope characters, build the wards. How different (and opposite) would that be to the usual "shoot-em-up" - "tanks and bombs" stuff.
A. There are no "rules" available for gameplay but deleloping them wouldn´t be to much of a Problem..it would only require getting "a mind set"
B. No-one in this male dominated Hobby would take much notice or care wether Dr. Allan had saved Nancy´s life after a car Crash..mind you..M.A.S.H, although it was loosely based around a war situation, had very very Little to do with actual combat and it was a hit.

Hugh Walter said...

Medical Monopoly...You have passed A&E, you can have another 200 breaths! Go to Surgery, get out of Surgery free cards....


Hugh Walter said...

PS, there is a whole range...