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Friday, December 30, 2016

5 is for "On the fifth day of Chrissssstmaaas, His True Love Sent to Hiiiiiiimmm...."

We've got it; Snowman No. 5

He and Gina had a bit of a laugh about it over coffee; still - more time for a chat, as they'd got the unloading down to 12 minutes!


Another Chalkware figurine


Terranova47 said...

Thank you for these holiday cake toppers. I wish I still had the plaster of paris/chalk 1.5" hight red pillar box with a red breasted Robin and snow on top. The Robin would have scaled up to the size of a Raven! It came on an iced holiday fruit cake from the Co-op about 1953.

Hugh Walter said...

Funny, between half-a-dozen here and more in storage I have quite a bit of chalkwear, but - although I remember it now you mention it - I don't have the robin on the pillar-box. On the subject of scale, I have somewhere a styrene robin on a fence...assuming (Erwin hates it when I assume! On my Blog!) the fence to be around the three-foot high mark, the robin scales out to about the size of a condor!