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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

C is for Charben's Chaps in Ckhaki!

Some hollow-cast lot I shot on Adrian's stall about three years ago with half a mind on the Khaki Infantry page (they're the wrong poses) and half-a mind on a comparison with the plastics in storage, obviously the storage ones are still there, which I didn't think they would still be now, several years ago, so let's look at them 'as is'.

More poses than the plastics and the MG has the toy-like addition of a novelty matchstick-firing mechanism. With three headdress types to collect and various plastic paint-versions, these Carbens combat types would make a nice sub-collection/display.


Jan Ferris said...

Fancy that! Nice set of minis.

Hugh Walter said...

It's a box-ticker really Jan, but yes - they're nice and 'clean'