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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

G is for Ginormous Jungle Man

He's ginormous, and he's a man, from the jungle! No making it up as I go along here! Shot this two or three years ago now, but as I try to steer-away from the army-man stuff at chritsmas i thought you'd be interested.

He's 'believed to be' Spanish or South American in origin, although he ticks all the Hong Kong boxes apart from being marked with anything. A blow-mould about 5 1/2-inches (bit smaller than Action Man/GI Joe) with the (probably slightly bulging) base removed to give him a flatter standing surface, that's it: Ginormous Jungle Man . . . with a monkey!


remaras said...

A rather cheecky bloke, I'd say!

Hugh Walter said...

I know! Speedo's? In the Jungle? Who'd 'a thunked it!