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Monday, December 19, 2016

H is for the Hutt that Jabbers and his Kowakian Monkey-lizard - a very Salacious B. Crumb

I've read it!

I'll deal with it in the New Year, some things should not be published at Christmas, but the publisher has - lets be honest - fallen-out with more people in the hobby than anyone else, and hasn't even had the manners to get my name right, maybe that was deliberate, but still; tells you all you need to know about the man!

If only he'd followed some of the links provided in the A-Z entry and recent Red Box post he/they wouldn't be sticking to the falsehoods they/he are determined to so do!




The pair of 'em are as dumb as a bucket of frogs at a wedding reception and as thick as pig-shit!

A few days have gone by and I've read the diatribe again, it's almost beyond parody, they had months to prepare that and it reads like monkeys made it out of shit in an afternoon, still the comments section gives us a membership list of the Penn-State Toy Soldier Mafia!
And 404-errors on two of the images and one of the links! Making it up as 'they' go along?
And while continuing to argue they are separate companies he (the salacious monkey) posts two links making it quite clear they are part of the same group? When found-out; try to bluff it, huh?!
Too funny, they're too funny for fiction.

A sarcastic comment about 12,000 words then an announcement of 'other parts' to come! Hypocrisy!


Terranova47 said...

Really Hugh. What do you truly think?

Hugh Walter said...

Really? Can you get through it so it makes scene? It's hard reading! Apart from insisting with the lie that Red Box are nothing to do with their parent company (Tai Sang) or their sister company (Blue Box), it's so much ranting garbage!

I had to expect it - after my post, but mine was reasoned, theirs is a kick-back . . . at Christmas! Nice guys those PSTSM lot!

Happy C to you Terra


Paul´s Bods said...

Interesting. The Quote (which isn´t re-printed in full ) about aspergers. It´s taken from Yahoo answers in Response to the question
"What does it mean to be "Aspergic"?
The respondant to the question obviously has Zero idea what aspergers Syndrome is or how it manifests itsself.
The Reply further down " That answer is not correct. You're describing Tourette's Syndrome" That seems more like what the answer seems to describe,.
Also, the use of the word Derivative?? In the context it´s used, ie; describing a Syndrome then it´s incorrect. Derivative in relation to psychosymatic stuff is either a learnt trait or the hiding of a trait to make it more socially acceptable.
Basically, the shortest and most incorrect description of what it´s like to be Aspergic from someone who cannot describe it as they are obviously not apsergic.

Paul´s Bods said...

PS, I´ll add, to put that description of Aspergers Syndrome from a Yahoo answers page of all things is very very misleading to any uninformed Reader and highly irresponsible and then to make an assumption based on an answer on a yahoo page that the use of colourfull language is is part of the "Problem" of being Aspergic is IMHO, disgusting.

Hugh Walter said...

Hi Paul

Would we be discussing Mr Burk's (by nature?) professional psychoanalysis of my condition! If his conclusions about me are as accurate as he professes, what is he also saying about the post (and posters) he's posted it on!!!!

After a couple of re-reads I can't take it seriously, it's like Cheech & Chong tried 'grown-up' writing - without the drugs!