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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

P is for Postponed Plunder Post - Plastic Warrior 2014 May Part - I Show Purchases

So, an old show-plunder post (actually one of four), the photographs for which have been in Picasa so long, half the interesting stuff has already been Blogged! But as an exercise in 'how it comes in' it will hopefully be interesting, I know how I like poring over mixed shots on evilBay, seeing what I can ID or take a fancy to . . . this is the Plastic Warrior show plunder, May 2014!

These were the show purchases, with the exception of the bag bottom centre with the brown funnel, that was floor sweepings at the end! Visible highlight is probably the two Gem hedges?

The contents all sorted and spread out. It's 'find your favourite' really . . . quite a bit of space bought - mostly - from Barry Blood who was thinning his collection out, I was particularly pleased to get the Gem skier with both poles and both skis, three hard-plastic from hollow-cast moulds are off the beaten track, footballer flats, a Speedwell swoppet cowboy and a heap of Khaki infantry . . . 

. . .   from Adrian Little (and others) as I was still working on the then 'new' page at the time, not that I've given up, but it's the odd addition from time-to-time now, and the fact that I still have to add some text! Note: bottom right; a Cherilea 'dancing loon'!


Terranova47 said...

In the second picture, on the extreme left and center, is the blue figure Dylan from Magic Roundabout?

Brian Carrick said...

Looks like a few bits by ROCCO in there too: mounted cowboy, mounted guardsman and armless guardsman. Hard to find them unbroken.

Hugh Walter said...

Yes Terranova47 . . . stoned on his 'Hey man! Anybody got a carrot'!


Hugh Walter said...

Brian . . . The guardsman top right is Crescent isn't he? And I assumed the lancer is Hilco/Cherilea? But you think the others are Rocco? Well-chuffed if they are!

My favourite in that lot is the proper (India-) rubber ceremonial (Monaco?) in white with yellow 'colonial' hat, I managed to glue him back to some sort of order with plumber's sealant!


Brian Carrick said...

Hi Hugh, yes the guardsman top right is Crescent the ROCCO one is in the next line down next to the "cowboy in red with machine gun" it's buried under a Hilco lifeguard so you can't see the rider but the "rocking horse" mount looks like the ROCCO figure. The other one is in 4th row down next to the three spacemen, he is dismountable from his horse. The horse in top row next to the laying down firing cowboy is also ROCCO and the rider looks like the cowboy firing pistol that goes with it, the other two figures in red and blue are something else, don't know what.

Hugh Walter said...

Ahhhh! That's brilliant Brian, I've got several of those rocking-horse ones (in storage!) and the separate rider types (some not broken!), Wild West - I think I put some some in an unknown post ages ago?

http://smallscaleworld.blogspot.co.uk/2009/03/u-is-also-for-unknown-wild-west.html [bloke with lassoo or two silver ones?)

The red/blue ones are the Bulgarian swoppet types with a Spencer Smith style horse Peter Evans found two years ago, I blogged them as well!